Saudi Arabia raises retirement age to 65 in new social insurance law

GOSI stated that the statutory retirement age for individuals affected by the amendments would range between 58 and 65 years

Visa’s ‘She’s Next’ returns to Saudi Arabia with inaugural ‘She’s Next in Gaming’ event

The Kingdom is home to around 23.5 million gamers, 48 percent of whom are women

Saudi Arabia gears up for 1st Esports World Cup in July with over $60 million prize pool

The Club Championship will award $20 million to the top 16 clubs depending on their overall performance

UAE, Saudi Arabia explore establishment of Saudi-Emirati Coordination Council to enhance procurement

Council to enhance achievements, protect interests, and create new opportunities for both nations

Saudi Arabia’s cinema revenue soars to over $986 million in just six years

Currently, Saudi Arabia has 66 movie theaters with approximately 618 screens and 63,373 seats

$13.32 million initiative restores 56 heritage buildings in Historic Jeddah

The project primarily targets showcasing the rich heritage of the Historic Jeddah District

More than 1,200 brands ready for franchising in Saudi Arabia: Report

The Kingdom’s franchising market offers over 10,000 business opportunities

Saudi Arabia to lead U.N. forum for women’s rights

The Kingdom's Ambassador Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Wasel becomes first permanent representative to chair committee since 1946

Saudi ministries boost job opportunities with 35 percent localization in dental professions

The new resolution will apply to private sector establishments that employ three or more workers in dental professions

Saudi Arabia’s Qiddiya to host Esports World Cup in Gaming & Esports District

The inaugural Esports World Cup is set to take place later this year in Riyadh

Qiddiya: New details revealed about Saudi Arabia’s F1 track

The new track will feature a 108-meter elevation difference across its 21 corners

10 biggest companies in the world by market capitalization

Energy powerhouse Saudi Aramco makes it to the list

Riyadh Season 2023 draws in more than 72 million visitors globally

The initiative recorded over 6,000 licenses for 230 entertainment destinations

Saudi Arabia to celebrate Founding Day: A reflection on centuries of historical legacy

Vibrant cultural events nationwide expressing love, creativity, and loyalty

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