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Beyond payments: How Mastercard is fueling transformation and driving inclusion

Great strides have been made in advancing digital transformation and building a robust payment ecosystem across the region

The World Bank: MENA can be an engine for change, partner for sustainable future

Region must tackle important structural reform agenda to ensure peace and stability

Bain & Company on hitting sustainability goals, overcoming challenges and leveraging opportunities

70 percent of MENA organizations have clear targets, Bain & Company Middle East reveals

Visa’s CEMEA President Andrew Torre on getting ready for the next wave of digital disruption

Businesses need to be agile, adapt their strategies and invest in digital infrastructure

Legal reviews

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The Saudi Personal Data Protection Law: What it entails 

Penalties for breaching PDPL may lead to two-year imprisonment or $800,000 fine 

Understanding new company formation requirements, visa applications in Saudi

From real estate to special economic zones, KSA embarks on bold reforms

Saudi law upgrades geared to attract FDIs

Kingdom effects legislative renaissance supporting economy, global positioning

Future-ready CEOs in Saudi Arabia lead with optimism, innovation and climate action, PwC survey shows

Saudi CEOs anticipate that GenAI will significantly change the creation, delivery and capture of value in the next three years

Data Privacy Day: AI has put data privacy top of mind

But concerns grow about potential misuse of sensitive information

Blockchain digital assets transforming investments

Decrypting the advantages of decentralized finance

The intersection of technology and sustainability

Underscoring the pivotal role of AI and foundation models

A hub for economic sustainability: Substantial economic growth at the half-way mark to Vision 2030

Non-oil revenue and female labor force participation saw robust results

Crunch time: How climate change poses profound risks to our life

This summer has demonstrated the urgent need for climate change action – at every level of society