Saudi Arabia’s National Biotechnology Strategy launched with a projected cumulative GDP impact of $34.66 bn

Strategy seeks to localize vaccine manufacturing, protect the environment
Saudi Arabia’s National Biotechnology Strategy launched with a projected cumulative GDP impact of $34.66 bn
Localizing vaccine manufacturing in Saudi

A new National Biotechnology Strategy was launched by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, with the aim of localizing vaccine manufacturing and improving the health of Saudi citizens. The strategy has multiple objectives. Firstly, it aims to protect the environment. Secondly, it strives to achieve food and water security. Additionally, the strategy aims to strengthen Saudi Arabia’s position as a global leader in the biotechnology sector, as reported by the Saudi Press Agency (SPA).

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Enhancing vaccine self-sufficiency and access

One of the main objectives of the initiative is to increase the Kingdom’s self-sufficiency in vaccine production and ensure timely access to vaccines for its citizens. Furthermore, the program sets a target of a 3 percent contribution from the biotechnology sector to the non-oil gross domestic product (GDP) by 2040. This target is expected to have a cumulative impact of SAR130 billion ($34.66 billion). Additionally, achieving this target is anticipated to create high-quality job opportunities.

Alignment with Vision 2030 objectives

These goals are in line with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 objectives. According to the SPA report, localization and biomanufacturing are deemed crucial in driving the strategy forward. Saudi Arabia has set its sights on becoming the leading biotechnology hub in the MENA region. Developing advanced biopharma manufacturing capabilities is considered a crucial step. Additionally, establishing a cutting-edge local end-to-end bio-manufacturing platform is also seen as essential. These measures are believed to contribute significantly to achieving Saudi Arabia’s goal as the primary biotechnology hub in the MENA region.

Four key areas

The strategy focuses on four key areas: vaccines, with an emphasis on local production, export, and innovation; biomanufacturing. Furthermore, Abu Dhabi aims to achieve several objectives. Firstly, it seeks to increase the consumption and localization of biopharmaceuticals. Also, it prioritizes genomics by emphasizing pioneering research and gene therapy. Furthermore, the emirate focuses on plant enhancement, with efforts directed towards improving cultivation for greater self-sufficiency and innovation in enhanced seeds.

Strategic investments in biotechnology sectors

Saudi Arabia, as one of the largest regional market for pharmaceuticals and vaccines, has strategically invested in biotechnology sectors. The country is committed to developing and training national talent in research, development, and innovation, while also building a competitive and digital infrastructure. Moreover, its genetic diversity and favorable geographical climate provide ideal conditions for conducting complex studies and research.

Empowering the local biotechnology industry

The strategy aims to empower the local biotechnology industry by streamlining regulatory requirements, providing suitable infrastructure, and offering financing.

Additionally, through various programs and initiatives, it seeks to encourage private sector investment in the field.

Also, the launch of this national scheme aims to create a flexible regulatory environment and advanced infrastructure, promoting collaboration between the public and private sectors.

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