Red Sea National Academy launched to train next generation of tourism leaders

The academy aims to train 10,000 participants by 2030
Red Sea National Academy launched to train next generation of tourism leaders
Part of the Human Capability Initiative in Riyadh. (Photo Credit: SPA)

During the Human Capability Initiative in Riyadh, the announcement was made to establish the Red Sea National Academy (TRSNA) under the patronage of His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud, Crown Prince and Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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Collaborative programs

TRSNA aims to implement collaborative programs between the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation, Colleges of Excellence, and Red Sea Global, focusing on providing trainees with technical specializations that meet the demands of the regional labor market. The academy will be located and operated in Al-Wajh, offering joint training programs that are specifically tailored to fulfill the requirements of the labor market.

Training 10,000 participants by 2030

Additionally, TRSNA seeks to train 10,000 participants by 2030, equipping young Saudis with the skills needed for various roles in the tourism sector. The agreement was signed with the sponsorship of Yousef Al-Benyan, the Minister of Education. 

The signing involved Reem Al-Muqbel, vice governor of Planning & Business Development at the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation, Eng. Ayman Al-Abdullah, CEO of Colleges of Excellence, and John Pagano, the Group CEO of Red Sea Global.

Reem Al-Muqbel emphasized the commitment of the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation to develop the country’s human resources through training programs and strategic partnerships with the private sector.

Also, Eng. Ayman Al-Abdullah expressed confidence in the Red Sea National Academy’s ability to provide qualified Saudi individuals to the tourism sector. He highlighted the academy’s focus on creating a stimulating training environment to enhance creativity and innovation, aiming to become a leading center for education and training in the field of tourism and further enhancing the Kingdom’s status as a global tourist destination.

Furthermore, TRSNA is considered part of the Strategic Partnership Institutes in the Kingdom and is dedicated to delivering high-quality training programs that meet the evolving needs of the labor market. 

Vision 2030 and tourism industry growth

CEO John Pagano underscored  the significance of TRSNA in realizing Vision 2030 and the growth of the Kingdom’s tourism industry. Red Sea Global has already opened two hotels, with four additional resorts planned for this year and 19 hotels across The Red Sea and Amaala set to open next year. Moreover, TRSNA will ensure a skilled talent pool is readily available to serve these hotels and related infrastructure, establishing a strong pipeline of trained professionals.

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