stc Group, Diriyah Company form strategic partnership for smart heritage transformation

Partnership to establish a smart infrastructure with integrated futuristic technologies
stc Group, Diriyah Company form strategic partnership for smart heritage transformation
Olayan bin Mohammed Alwetaid, the group CEO of stc, and Jerry Inzerillo, group CEO of Diriyah Company. (Supplied)

 Diriyah Company and stc group, an engine of digital transformation in the region, have joined forces in a strategic partnership contract to elevate Diriyah’s technological landscape, marking a significant milestone in the evolution of Diriyah’s masterplan and playing an integral role in improving quality of life, culture, and community through connectivity.

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Jerry Inzerillo, group CEO of Diriyah Company, and Olayan bin Mohammed Alwetaid, the group CEO of stc, signed the partnership agreement in the presence of executive officials from both sides. This strategic partnership aims to enhance and support Diriyah in implementing its projects and activities related to infrastructure.

Specialized digital infrastructure services

As per the memorandum, stc group will actively provide specialized digital infrastructure services in Diriyah through their partnership. This includes developing wired and wireless communication networks, internet services for the main headquarters and business premises, and managed cloud security services. This is to support the historical Diriyah community, heritage sites, and development facilities with the latest technologies while preserving its deep-rooted heritage value.

Harnessing power of digital progress

Jerry Inzerillo, the group CEO of Diriyah Company, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership: “Through this strategic partnership, advanced technological solutions will be utilized to develop the Diriyah project and community, and harnessing the power of digital progress to push towards improving the quality of life and developing smart solutions that meet future aspirations. This partnership aims to create unparalleled opportunities within the Diriyah community and its unique heritage, cultural, and developmental projects.”

Qualitative step

He also stated: “Our collaboration with stc group is a qualitative step in our pursuit to implement comprehensive services related to digital transformation in Diriyah. The mutual cooperation also emphasizes and showcases our commitment to achieving radical development and transformation. This step is not only a precursor to an advanced community but also sets a precedent for other major national projects in the Kingdom. Moreover, this partnership with stc will create a fundamental ecosystem that thrives and grows through innovation, sustainability, and communication while preserving the historical charm of the Diriyah community and providing the best possible experience for visitors and residents alike.”

Supporting major national projects

On the other hand, stc group CEO, Olayan M. Alwetaid expressed his delight regarding this pioneering partnership, stating, “We are proud to collaborate with Diriyah Company in this groundbreaking initiative, which highlights our commitment as an engine of digital transformation in the region. We are at the forefront of leading and supporting major national projects across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the Diriyah project is one of the most large-scale projects as part of Vision 2030 for the Kingdom.”

Al Wetaid pointed out that a select group of companies affiliated with the stc group will be responsible for executing various tasks for the strategic partnership. This will enable the desired digital transformation and complete the construction and implementation work to achieve the vision associated with Diriyah. stc group’s pioneering information technology solutions provider, “solutions by stc” will provide comprehensive services in design, execution, and managed services, As well as the integration of systems and project management.

Closed-circuit television service packages

iot squared, specializing in Internet of Things solutions and technologies, will also provide closed-circuit television (CCTV) service packages and supply and install smart cameras. Additionally, they will provide cloud-based video central monitoring solutions, artificial intelligence technologies, and data extraction services to assist with decision-making.

Furthermore, SCCC, the leading company in cloud computing services will host and process big data using artificial intelligence.

Elevating quality of life

The partnership between stc group and Diriyah Company aims to elevate the level and quality of life, within the framework of the diverse opportunities the projects provide for a modern, wide-ranging, and multifaceted lifestyle. And contribute to achieving the Kingdom’s vision targets, which aim to attract 100 million visits to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia annually by 2030.

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