Saudi Arabia aims for 150 million visitors by 2030, eyes $200 billion boost to economy

Tourism sector's contribution to the GDP increased by 4.5 percent year-on-year
Saudi Arabia aims for 150 million visitors by 2030, eyes $200 billion boost to economy
Saudi tourism thriving

Ahmed Al Khateeb, Saudi Arabia’s minister of tourism, highlighted the Kingdom’s commitment to expanding major projects in order to promote the tourism sector, attract investments, and compete for a share of the 1.7 billion global tourists seeking experiences within the Kingdom.

Speaking at the ‘Real Estate Future Forum‘, His Excellency expressed the country’s ambition to achieve 150 million visitors by 2030 through these initiatives.

The tourism sector aims to make significant contribution to the national economy, amounting to SAR750 billion ($200 billion), Saudi Press Agency (SPA) reported citing the minister.

Al Khateeb emphasized the exceptional quality of upcoming hospitality projects, including hotels and resorts. The Ministry has forged various agreements to introduce top-tier hotels, positioning the Kingdom as a destination with unparalleled hospitality facilities, he noted.

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Saudi tourism
Saudi Arabia’s Minister of Tourism Ahmed Al Khateeb during his participation at the Real Estate Future Forum (Photo Credit: SPA)

Growth and contribution to GDP

Striving for excellence, all unlicensed facilities and those with subpar services, including over 250 hotels in Makkah, were closed in 2023, the Minister explained. These accomplishments in the tourism sector serve as a testament to the success of the strategies and plans implemented. Notably, in 2023, the tourism sector’s contribution to the GDP increased by 4.5 percent, reaching a total of 7 percent, while also generating numerous employment opportunities, Al Khateeb emphasized.

Concluding his remarks, the Minister stressed the importance of involving the local workforce in the tourism sector. He highlighted the significant interest shown by Saudi nationals in pursuing careers within this industry.

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