Ramadan 2024: Saudi Arabia’s Jeddah Historic District welcomes over 2.5 million visitors

District emerges as a model for sustainable practices and urban development
Ramadan 2024: Saudi Arabia’s Jeddah Historic District welcomes over 2.5 million visitors
Safety remained paramount, with over 1,000 security personnel being deployed (Image: SPA)

The Jeddah Historic District in Saudi Arabia recently celebrated a thriving Ramadan season, welcoming an astounding 2.5 million visitors. Beyond the remarkable influx of visitors, the district has garnered attention for its exemplary implementation of sustainable practices, efficient urban development, and meticulous crowd management strategies. This success underscores the district’s emergence as a beacon of cultural heritage and innovation.

Seamless operations

Jeddah Historic District’s operations during Ramadan were successful due to the robust facilities management and crowd control strategy. A dedicated team of over 830 employees worked tirelessly, logging more than 250,000 hours to ensure a clean, secure and easily navigable environment. With over 600 cleaning machines and tools and 16,000 liters of eco-friendly chemicals, the district maintained good hygiene standards.

Prioritizing waste management

Waste management emerged as a top priority in the district, with over 1,900 tons of waste collected and treated, alongside 70 tons of cardboard boxes. That is equivalent to roughly 380,000 waste bags. Through more than 550 waste transfer operations to landfills, the district demonstrated its commitment to sustainability during the Ramadan season.

Besides, safety remained paramount, with over 1,000 security personnel, eight rapid response teams, and six ambulances ensuring the well-being of visitors. Additionally, 350 crowd-control organizers strategically managed visitor flow at 14 locations in the district. Meanwhile, 70 golf carts provided convenient transportation to and from parking areas, ensuring accessibility for all.

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Comprehensive revitalization program

Spanning a 2.5 square kilometer area, the Jeddah Historic District is undergoing a comprehensive revitalization program. Infrastructure improvements, building restoration efforts and a vibrant calendar of cultural events are integral to the district’s transformation. The overarching goal is to establish the district as a hub for businesses, cultural projects and entrepreneurship, solidifying its reputation as a dynamic and inclusive destination.

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