LEAP 2024: Takamol Holdings launches $53 million investment fund to empower tech startups

The initiative seeks to advance tech sectors in the Middle East and Africa
LEAP 2024: Takamol Holdings launches $53 million investment fund to empower tech startups
During Takamol Holdings' participation at LEAP 2024. (Photo Credit: Takamol Holdings)

Takamol Holdings has announced the introduction of its latest investment fund, known as ‘Takamol Ventures,’ boasting a substantial capital of $53 million. This initiative aims to foster the advancement of the technology sector in the Middle East and Africa. The announcement took place at the esteemed LEAP 2024 Conference, a preeminent global technological forum presently being hosted at the Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Center.

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Additionally, the core objective of the Takamol Ventures Fund is to nurture aspiring entrepreneurs who aspire to establish and grow their businesses within the Middle East and Africa. It seeks to achieve this by providing support to technological startups and empowering them to emerge as leading companies in their respective domains.

Takamol Holdings has emphasized that its support extends beyond financial backing. It will also encompass strategic guidance and comprehensive business development assistance for companies within its investment portfolio. The fund will further offer an array of supportive services, including expert guidance in business and strategy, aid in business expansion, and access to a network of professionals operating within the technology sector.

The LEAP 2024 conference was held in Riyadh on March 3-7. The tech event brought together thousands of tech professionals, firms and experts

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