Global Media Congress 2023 concludes with record attendance

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Global Media Congress 2023 concludes with record attendance
31 new nations made their debut at the Global Media Congress

The final day of the Global Media Congress marked the culmination of an extraordinary event that broke records.  The second edition witnessed an impressive surge in attendance, with 23,924 visitors. That is a remarkable 76.48 percent increase compared to last year. In addition, the global reach expanded as well, with 172 countries participating, including 31 new nations making their debut at the Global Media Congress.

Covering an expansive 32,000 square meters, the event’s footprint grew by 78 percent. This underscores its growing significance on the global stage. A total of 77 industry speakers, representing 18 different countries, contributed to the diversity of perspectives at the event.

The event sparked strong interest from industry stakeholders as speakers and delegates delved into engaging sessions that illuminated the present and future of the media landscape.

A day of compelling discussions 

Under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the day featured multiple events. Keynote speeches, panel discussions, and exclusive interviews added great insights that will further drive innovation and growth in the global media industry.

With its focus on shaping the future of the international media landscape, the event provided the ideal platform for attendees to exchange creative concepts and innovative technological solutions.

Day three of Global Media Congress gave special emphasis to themes of tolerance and community harmony. In addition, some sessions highlighted the symbiotic relationship between sports and media and the ever-evolving impact of technology on different media platforms.

Building bridges in media education

The final day also witnessed significant Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) being signed between key players in the media and education sectors.

Two notable agreements were inked. One between New Media Academy and Core 42, and another between the UAE Journalist Association and the American University in the Emirates. These partnerships signify a commitment to advancing education and innovation within the media sector.

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Recognizing innovation

The final day of Global Media Congress showcased an award ceremony for the startup pitch competition. The competition recognized the best-emerging talent in the media industry, highlighting groundbreaking projects and innovations

The first prize went to Olga Nayda for My Glocal, an innovative internet tool that helps users obtain local and international leads through web marketing, without the usual high costs.

Meanwhile, the second prize was awarded to Noor Alasadi for Lisan AI, a specialized writing platform that offers state-of-the-art proofreading. Finally, the third prize celebrated “Egab,” a project by Dina Aboughazala that amplifies the voices of young journalists.

The startup competition exemplified the event’s commitment to unlocking the potential of new talent within the media sector. The introduction of new stages and platforms that tackle multiple aspects of the sector further emphasized this commitment.

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