Exness: The best possible trading product under best possible trading conditions

Deep expertise in complex mathematical models and algorithms
Exness: The best possible trading product under best possible trading conditions
Fuad Karimov, chief people officer, Exness

Cyprus-based Exness has reaffirmed its prominent position in the financial landscape, showcasing a steadfast commitment to ethics and excellence. The company clinched the prestigious title of Best Global Multi-asset Broker of 2023 at the Forex Expo, held at the Dubai World Trade Center on September 26 and 27.

With a formidable client base exceeding 600,000 active traders and a remarkable monthly trading volume surpassing $4.5 trillion, Exness has firmly established itself in the market.

What sets Exness apart is not just its impressive numbers, but its dedication to a ‘human centric’ approach and a collaborative ‘stronger together’ culture, values that have been pivotal in propelling the company to its market leadership position.

In this exclusive interview with Fuad Karimov, chief people officer at Exness and business advisor to the CEO, Economy Middle East delves deeper into the ethos and strategies that underpin Exness’ success during an insightful conversation.

You have a very interesting and dual title which we do not often come across. Can you please tell us more about your role at Exness?

It is indeed unusual, but I find it very inspiring. In my dual role as chief people officer and business advisor to the CEO of Exness, I find myself at the unique intersection of people and business strategy. Over the last 2.5 years, my involvement as a business advisor and also as a member of the Entrepreneurs Committee has allowed me to bring my industry knowledge and first-hand experience as a trader into play. I have had the opportunity to contribute to business development strategy and be a part of important discussions and decisions related to our trading product, from trading conditions to specific product features.

Now, as I step into the role of chief people officer, I can bring this rich insight into the heartbeat of our business. My vision is to ensure that our organizational culture and employee experiences can contribute to our business objectives. I believe that our people are the driving force behind our product and business success. Ensuring their growth, well-being and alignment with our business goals is my first task. This dual role allows me to ensure that as Exness evolves, our people remain at the core of that evolution.

Exness is now the world’s largest retail broker in terms of monthly trading volume, which today stands at more than $4.5 trillion. How were you able to achieve this, not only in terms of product but also in selecting the right people to drive the company forward?

We have a simple formula that drives us – we always wanted to become the best place to trade. We always had an ambition to provide the best possible trading product under the best possible trading conditions and as a result, we have pioneered a multitude of innovations in the retail trading industry. Think about instant withdrawals – we were the first – or negative balance protection – it became a standard for us long before it became today’s norm.

Such an achievement would have been impossible without our deep tech expertise in complex mathematical models and algorithms. When we delve into technology, it invariably involves individuals – their knowledge and their capacity to question conventional norms. At the heart of this success lies the exceptional team of professionals at Exness. Over the years, we have been able to gather a team of dedicated individuals who have become long-standing employees. Our success is not merely about striving to be the premier trading destination but also about aspiring to be the best place to work.


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Exness has made it clear that the Middle East is an important market for its regional expansion plans. In what ways have you committed to a future in the region and what can we expect to see from you in the coming months?

Exness regards the Middle East as a pivotal market with vast potential for expansion and growth. Our ongoing endeavors within this market have proven fruitful, marking a significant impact on our operational performance, as well as our regional presence. Moving forward, we are committed to advancing this trajectory by obtaining additional local licenses in strategic regions. This will empower us to introduce distinctive services and offerings while upholding a firm commitment to our world-class customer service.

Human-centric is a term we see a lot of these days in the corporate world, but not all companies honor their words with actions. Further to maintaining the spectacular success Exness has seen so far, would you say the company also prioritizes its people in keeping them happy, motivated and productive?

I can’t say I’m a huge fan of cliché definitions like “human-centric.” It’s a real, living commitment that guides how we operate every single day. We know that our success blooms from the well-being, creativity and drive of our employees. One of our cultural principles is “stronger together. This means we don’t just work side by side; we support and inspire each other in the understanding that our collective success is rooted in the well-being and advancement of each person. It makes us a community and a club of professionals – this is another of our cultural principles. It’s not just about hitting targets and milestones; it’s about doing it together, with respect and care for each other.

What is your personal view on what it takes to be a world-class leader in a saturated market, upholding just as much a local presence in key markets as a global presence?

Believe it or not, it is a sheer passion for what we do and the hard work we pour into this passion every day. We are operating in a very competitive industry and one that is ever-evolving. We are very aware that we cannot just sit back and enjoy the spoils. If we are to succeed further, reach newer heights and keep raising the industry benchmark, it will take ongoing effort and vision. And we are committed to it.

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